“Easy Steps to having Lasting Hair Color”

Whether you’re going to a hair color salon or you’re going to apply hair color at home, there are generally three simple rules to make sure that it will last longer.

First, make sure to get your hair in shape before applying hair color in the salon or at home. This is neglected by many because they think that the secret is to maintain your hair AFTER applying hair color, but preparation is just as important.


  • Condition several days before going to the salon. Apply thorough conditioning for at least a week before showing up at your hair color salon. This will make the hair color catch on your hair better and last longer. Conditioning will also serve as a barrier to prevent severe hair damage during the coloring session.
  • Wait 24 hours after your last wash to apply hair color. The natural coating of the hair will enhance the purpose of conditioning. It will help protect and at the same time, help the color catch on, stay longer and look more vibrant.
  • Choosing a well known blend over the cheaper brands can also help in having a long lasting hair color if you can spare the few bucks. Choosing a good hair color salon is also a plus, there are some reputable salons in the Tampa area.


Second, take time to choose and read the label of hair products that you use on your hair. Choose the ones that are healthy and will help give your colored hair a richer look.


  • Use the appropriate color enhancing conditioners and shampoos. Color enhancers won’t kill the color of your hair compared to using regular hair products. You can even ask your colorist at your salon to blend up a customized enhancer that will suit your specific hair color and tone.
  • If regular touch ups are inconvenient, you can use coloring stains on your roots for a more even look.


Third, do your best to protect your hair from anything that can potentially damage it and make your hair look dull. Though don’t be overly cautious that it stops you from enjoying your hair color. Remember half of making it look great is being comfortable with it.

  • Use warm or cold water in the shower, hot water will dry out the color and your hair both. Right after coloring make sure that your hair color salon also uses cold water to rinse.
  • Avoid long exposures to sunlight and pool chemicals that will discolor your hair.


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