Cleaning Hardwood without the Damage on Your Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors is the next step after hardwood floor installation. It is pretty easy if you do it routinely.

Like other things inside your home, hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt and grime that may otherwise spoil the floor’s luster and beauty. Failure to maintain your hardwood floors after a hardwood floor installation project may lead to warping, or worse, rotting.

Cleaning hardwood floors may seem hard at first but it becomes easier and easier as you get used to it as a daily habit. But while it may seem very easy compared to the tedious process of hardwood floor installation, cleaning hardwood floors is also a meticulous process that requires attention.

Here are some cleaning tips shared by owners of hardwood floors in Tampa:

  1. Use brooms with sift and fine bristles when sweeping the floor.
  2. Sweep your hardwood floors at least twice a day: one in the morning, and one at night.
  3. Vacuum at least once a week to remove dirt and san. You can vacuum more often if you like. Just make sure you use soft brush attachment to lessen scratching.
  4. Pat any spill with soft towels or use dry vacuum to dry it out. Liquids are the worst enemies of hardwood floors.
  5. Install carpet runners especially in areas of the house where people usually walk on. Make sure to dry clean rugs and runners so that they will not be stiff and scratch the wood underneath.
  6. Put furniture pads under furniture pieces to minimize dents and scratches. If possible, do not drag furniture pieces at all times. Even a seemingly harmless accidental sliding of a furniture piece can cause dents or scratch to the hardwood floors.
  7. Wipe shoes on entrance floor mats so that dirt is not carried on the hardwood floors. Hardwood floor repair is sometimes cause by the accumulation of dirt on the floor’s surface.
  8. Wax or buff your hardwood floors periodically. But make sure you consult with your hardwood floor installation personnel before you do anything.
  9. If an area becomes highly damaged by water, it is highly recommended to call professional hardwood floor repair help. Treating water damage can be tricky especially for beginners.
  10. Always consult with your manufacturer or installer regarding the use of any hardwood floor commercial product. It is better to ask than cause more harm because of wrong assumptions.

Your journey with your hardwood floors does not end after a successful hardwood floor installation. In fact, it just begins there. If you want a long-lasting relationship with your floor, make sure you clean them regularly to avoid any damaging hardwood floor repair scenarios.


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