Convenience with Motorized Shades


Motorization of window treatments was once impossible, until a creative mind invented effortless adjustments. Motorized shades are great for glass houses or homes with high windows. Closed drapes and curtains can be irritating as it accumulates dust. For manual blinds and shades, the need for regular cleaning can be tiring. Motorized shades can save you from all this work.

  • Convenience- The most obvious purpose of motorized shades is the purpose of saving you from getting up that comfortable couch and getting the annoying light off from your TV screen. The motorization of such window treatment also needs less maintenance since it automatically rolls up into a sealed case, which keeps the dust away.
  • Security- motorized shades are installed with timers and are programmed to look as if someone is in your home even when you are out of town. The random movement of your motorized shades gives your home the impression that someone is in; leaving burglars the threat.
  • Energy saving appliance- the summer season is the time of high expense in electric bills as the use of air conditioning is abused. The heat that passes through the window pane can be blocked by the thick roll and keeps the cool breeze in your home. Motorized shades are programmed to detect the amount of heat that comes into your home and closes when the sun is in at its brightest.
  • Protection- the most common problem in air conditioning is the overheating; damage in furniture also can be due to the extreme heat or sunlight that destroys the color and texture of your stuff. Motorized shades help in preventing such situations.
  • Elegance- dusty drapes and incomplete blind panels is not that attractive in a home. Motorized shades give the ‘Wow!” factor with its simple and useful design. Plus, the exact fit on all edges of your window come out clean and neat.

Motorization of appliances can be a bit more expensive, but keep in mind that a comfortable and stress-free home lives a happy and contented family. Get to know more about motorized shades in the link below.


Artistic Windows Inc.
4004 W Neptune St #102 
Tampa, FL 33629

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