All about Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Change is the only thing constant in this world and we need to adapt if we want to remain relevant today. This view is seen by the experts in the field of advertising, too. They have come up with a new method of advertising; one that suits the needs of this generation. This method is known as vehicle wrap advertising.


What is vehicle wrap advertising?

Vehicle wrap advertising is the placement of marketing materials in a vehicle. This is also called vehicle wraps because it literally covers or wraps vehicles with advertisements.

There are many ways to do vehicle wraps. One is to paint the surface of the vehicle; the other is to use vinyl sheets like decals. The latter is the one commonly used today because they can be easily removed making it less expensive to hop from one advertisement to another. You also do not have to worry about the underlying surface when you use vinyl sheets, in contrast with a custom paint job.

Vehicles with large flat surfaces (like buses) are commonly used in vehicle wrap advertising because they are easy to wrap. It takes extra effort to wrap smaller cars with curvy surfaces, but it is not impossible especially for skilled makers of custom signs.


ImageAre vehicle wraps effective?

Analysts and researchers attest to the effectiveness of vehicle wraps as a form of mobile billboards. According to the Outdoor Advertising Magazine, vehicle wraps have a 97% recall rate to consumers. The Product Acceptance and Research on the other hand reported a 94% recall rate with 80% recalling the specific advertisement that they have seen.

These findings suggest that vehicle wraps are indeed effective in conveying your message to your company’s target audience. Driving along the routes that your target market takes everyday is a sure way to be seen.


How much do vehicle wraps cost?

Vehicle wraps come in reasonable prices depending on the package you will choose. There are packages for letter signs only, partial wraps, full wraps, and special applications like covering a building’s windows with computer-cut frosted translucent vinyl, or highlighting a vehicle wrap with reflective patterns. There are makers of custom signs that offer complimentary services like free estimates for their first time clients. You can take advantage of this opportunity to plan ahead in terms of budget.

Taking your ads to the streets is the name of the game to survive tight business competition, so contact your local pool of makers of custom signs now. With thousands of people seeing your vehicle every single day, there is a high probability of increasing sales.


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