Choosing the Right Hair Color for You

keratin-hair-treatment-1The color of your hair can really change your appearance for the better. If you are open to changes, head to a salon and get your hair colored and treated. But, how do you go about choosing the right hair color for you? With hundreds of hair dye colors, picking one isn’t that easy. Choosing the right hair treatment for your colored hair will be a wonder too.

Things to Consider in Choosing Your Hair Color

  1. Skin tone – Your hair color and highlights should match your skin tone. A key rule is to never pick a color that is lighter than your skin. If you have pale skin, any hair color will do. If you have very pale skin, avoid black and dark colors. If you have a yellow skin tone, cool browns and deep reds are good choices.
  2. Clothing – What color in clothing do you look best in? If you look good in orange, reds and yellow, you can pick auburn, golden brown or blonde for your hair. If you look at greens, blues, black and fuchsia, you can pick black, ash brown, burgundy or platinum for your hair. If you look good in reds, purples, periwinkle and gray, you can pick neutral tones like beige blonde, beige brown or mahogany.
  3. Eye Color – Eye color is important when choosing hair color and highlights. If you have brown or green eyes, you can pick red and auburn color for your hair. If you have blue or green eyes, you can pick ash or light gold tones for your hair.
  4. Jewelry – What type of jewelry looks good on you? This can help determine the right color for your highlights and hair. If you look good in silver pieces, you have a cool skin tone. If you look better in gold pieces, you have a warm skin tone. If you look good in both, your skin has a neutral tone.

Caring for Colored Hair

After getting your hair colored, follow it up with a hair treatment. Dyeing and highlighting can make the hair dry if not maintained properly. Right after hair coloring, you can opt for a hair spa or hot oil treatment. But more importantly, you need to undergo deep conditioning hair treatment at least once a month.

A professional hair salon will help you pick the right hair color for you. They can offer you different types of highlights methods like frosting, foil, chunking and hair painting. Further, professional hair salon experts can recommend the right hair treatment that will prevent your locks from drying.

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