How to Tell If Your Hair Stylist is a Bad One

There is nothing worse than entering a Tampa hair salon with high expectations and end up leaving the place feeling like you had the worst haircut of your life. Every man and woman goes to a salon with the hopes of looking better and confident of themselves after the appointment. Hair is an important part of our everyday appearance which is why you need a good haircut to enhance your looks.

ImageUnfortunately, not every hair stylist you will meet is the right match for you. Knowing this, you shouldn’t risk letting just anyone handle your hair style and haircut. Get to know the stylist better and observe if he or she will really understand and meet your needs. To save you the trouble, here is a list of signs that you are dealing with a bad stylist:

  • No Professional Input – You know what you want but as a professional, he or she should give you suggestions and advice on what haircut will suit you. If he or she just does whatever you ask without any input, this doesn’t quite show her expertise and knowledge.
  • Not Listening – Do not tolerate someone who doesn’t listen to what you want. A professional should take time listening and understanding you.
  • Lacks Knowledge – A Tampa hair salon that has been in the business for many years may still have stylists that lack knowledge. Look out for stylists that do not know the hair style you are talking about or are having a hard time understanding you.
  • Not on Time – You make an appointment with the Tampa hair salon to make sure you have a slot for the day. But, your hair stylist is always running late. If you find yourself in the same situation over and over again, time to go to another salon.
  • Gossips – Gossiping while working on a client is just unacceptable and totally unprofessional. This will make stylists lack the focus when working on your hair. Ditch them right away.
  • Pushy – It can be really annoying if someone keeps pushing a haircut or hair style for you. As mentioned earlier, making suggestions is fine but it shouldn’t be forced upon you. This will just make the whole experience uncomfortable.
  • Has an Attitude – There are hair stylists that will have an attitude especially if you make them correct their mistakes. Somehow, they feel like you are stepping on their egos. Stylists with attitudes are a big no-no. Avoid these stylists at all cost.

Ask your friends and family about the Tampa hair salon they go to. Referrals are always a good way to know the good salons from the bad ones. Never settle for someone you are not comfortable with.

Salon Monaco
2907 W Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 870-1709

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