ImageSIP and VOIP are related terms that pertain to protocols of both voice and video calls. However, there are several differences in elements and other underlying transport layer that can run on simple transfer protocols.

What is SIP?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol used to modify, establish, and terminate sessions such as VOIP calls. SIP has the ability to overrule sessions by inviting new sessions to an existing session such as multicast conferences. SIP is responsible in handling calls and termination if needed.

ImageWhat is VOIP?

Voice over Protocol is a quality upgrade on networks. VOIP has the ability to move signals and send messages in a bulk with the help of the Internet. Due to the rapid growth of technology, VOIP networks carry larger bulks with carrier grade quality.

Difference between SIP and VOIP

  • VOIP is the main tool used in modern telecommunication networks; making use of the different channels (voice, video, mails). SIP is the support system that controls information to be relayed keeping a good flow of calls over internet or internal networks.
  • VOIP includes signaling and Media whereas SIP only caters to signaling Plane. The advantage of VIOP is that it can provide clearer and more creative information through the use of media messaging. SIP on the other hand provides complete information by simple signals; this is great in giving information on billing and other crucial information.
  • SIP in simple terms, is a signaling protocol that tell phones what to do without carrying any voice traffic. VOIP traffic can carry bulks of information through an audio packet. A VOIP is similar to a regular digital handset, except you are delivering the voice packets over a 4 pin connector called an Ethernet. Often, an SIP provider will offer a “SIP trunk” to help you remote office connects to phone switches from site to site.

Never be left out in upgrading your business and your communication needs.  Throw out those analogue phones and get SIP and VOIP installed for faster and more dependable outcomes.

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