Top Most Expensive Engine Repairs


ImageSame as your home, car maintenance and other auto services require dedication and a lot of money in case you ask for auto services. Engine repairs are best done at its smallest case before the situation and the expenses escalates. Here is a list of engine parts you’d like to keep an eye on to avoid a headache:

  1. The turbocharger helps in allowing air to push through the engine, which allows more fuel to flow through its parts and increase power. These parts work in extreme rotational speeds and result to vulnerable damages. Engine repairs for this can cost up to $700-$3,000; so make sure to have all parts properly lubricated to avoid friction.
  2. Torque converter is the hydraulic system between the engine and the transmission. It allows your transmission to automatically shift without stalling the engine. When this part overheats, leaks could occur everywhere; engine repair for this can cost approximately $1,800. So best not to rev your engine while putting your foot on the brake.
  3. Catalytic converter is responsible of the emissions that contain all elements that pass through each part of the engine, making engine repairs more complicated. There are two major reasons that cost you thousands in engine repairs and other auto services; first is the busted oxygen sensors and the misfires. When these fail, you will surely be spending more on its parts than the auto services.
  4. Injection pump delivers fuel into the engine’s cylinders; when once clogged, the filters can range up to $2,900 in Auto services.
  5. The camshaft operates the valves of the engine, pressing them down to force them to open. Auto services for damages of this part can be avoided by regular oil change and adjustments on its valves.
  6. Damages on the cylinder head and spark plugs usually cause misfires. Engine repair for this damage can range from $3,500 even without charges on labor.
  7.  Transmission assembly is the horse power with which your vehicle relies on; auto services in transmission repair are more complicated since diagnostics aid in its engine repairs; meaning, more expensive and technical supports are needed in such.

Whether you have hybrid cars or manual vehicles, engine repairs will really take your pocket to the test when this problems arise. Clarke’s Automotive located at Brandon, FL is capable of providing you with hard working personnel and outstanding equipment. So don’t fret and visit us if any engine mishap happens.


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