When Do You Need to Check Your Car Brakes?

images  As much as possible, your car should be in tip-top shape. It will be extremely dangerous to drive a car that is not in excellent condition. One of the most important parts you must always check is the brakes. Needless to say, the brakes are what make the car stop and if it’s broken, this can put you at risk of car accidents.

You don’t need to be an auto repair expert just to be able to detect if there is something wrong with your car brakes. You just have to be aware of these signs that you need to get them checked already:

1. Look.

To see first-hand if the brakes are still good, you can check them through the spaces of your wheel’s spokes. The outside of the brake pad, around one-fourth inch, should be pressing against the metal rotor. If you see less of the pad, you need to bring your car to the auto repair shop.

2. Listen.

Do you notice a high screeching sound when you use the brakes? That screeching sound is brought to you by the indicator. It is a small metal shim that resonate sound to warn you about replacing your brake pads already. Listen to it without using the air conditioner and the radio. Pull the windows down to make sure you can listen to it clearly. When you frequently hear this sound, take your car to the auto repair shop for brake pad replacement.

3. Delayed Response

If you step on the car brake and there is a delayed response or if the brake pedal sinks, this is a sign of a braking system leak. There might be an air leak or a brake fluid leak which is a sign that you need to get your brake system checked already.

4. Pulls

When you hit on the brake and your car gradually pulls to the side, this can be an indication that your brake linings may already be wearing out. If this happens to you, take your car to the auto repair shop for a brake adjustment.

5. Vibration

Does your brake pedal vibrate? This might mean that you have warped rotors. You will observe this vibrating movement if you are using the brake pedal for long periods. During this time, the rotors experience too much friction causing them to heat up and warm.

Who said maintaining a car is easy work? It’s not but it is something you should do to prevent any car accidents in the future.

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