New Toilet and Baths (A Bathroom Remodeling Project)

The trend now is to make the bathroom as comfortable as possible. Work-related stress is getting higher and higher and people just need to find more relaxing spaces in the house aside from the bedroom.

A bathroom remodeling project might just be the answer you need if you want an upgrade in the look and functionality of your toilet and bath. But what should you decide on first?

imagesTiles: The Most-Trusted Bathroom Flooring

Choosing the right flooring is perhaps the first decision most people make when it comes to bathroom remodeling. And why not? Every little piece of amenity and bathroom accessory needs to complement the color and type of flooring available.

One of the most popular bathroom flooring is tiles. They are durable; they withstand the moist environment. They are easy to clean; molds and stains are easily removable with the help of bleaching and other bathroom cleaning products. They also come in different colors, textures, sizes, and styles.

Bathroom Tiles Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some things you need to bear in mind if you want to make the most of your tiles for your bathroom remodeling project.

 1. Always use tiles that are more than half size, if possible.

Tiles less than half size look very skinny and silvery, they are not pleasing to the eyes. We can never veer away from cutting because we always need to resize tiles as we approach room boundaries (e.g. walls.) However, you can begin to tweak the joints between the tiles as you approach the walls of the bathroom so that the change in size becomes imperceptible to the eyes.

2. Follow symmetrical patterns in your layouts.

We want to create a relaxing atmosphere, as much as possible. Visual balance is one factor that can affect this. Symmetrical or tiles with visible patterns are more relaxing than ruggedly patterned tiles or tiles without any patterns at all.

3. Less tile-cutting, the better.

Full-sized tiles always look better than tiles cut in half or whatever size. But as we said earlier, we cannot totally eliminate cutting. But as much as possible, lessen tile cutting and use tiles of full sizes in easily seen areas.

Give your bathroom remodeling project a jump start by making the right flooring decision. If you are still undecided, consulting with a bathroom remodeling professional can help a lot. Pick up the phone and dial the nearest contractor in your area.

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