Garage Door Parts: Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping your garage doors noise-free and long lasting will take much of your time and money. Garage door parts are often worn out after extreme situations. Garage door hinges and rollers get rusty and noisy. Garage door openers and remotes become useless and more sicknesses show. Troubleshoot and maintain your garage door parts to avoid further expenses.

  • Inspection– dusts that accumulate in edges of your garage door cannot be seen in a few days of use. For instance, your garage door hinges are good targets of dust accumulation; these garage door parts should undergo inspection at least once for loose screws, cracks, and other damages.
  • Check-up – Door balance is one of the problems garage door repair men encounter due to damaged garage door parts. You can work on this test by disconnecting the automatic garage door opener and lifting it open manually. You will feel a little resistance in lifting the garage door at first but will smoothly open. However, if the door is difficult to open or does not remain open; better check the garage door hinges or other garage door parts for damages or loose screws. Another is the reversing mechanism of your garage door parts. This safety measure is a must to prevent accidents especially for your children and your pets. If the reversing mechanism stops or does not work, better check whether your hinges are well lubricated.
  • Lubrication– lubrication of your garage door rollers, garage door hinges, and other garage door parts should be done at least every six months. Rusting may result to cracking or breaking of parts, which can result to more damages and expensive repairs for your garage door parts. This semi-annual practice will save you from that annoying noise as you operate your garage doors.


Garage door parts in general are easy to understand and repair. However, repairs can be crucial in some cases, if your garage door parts are not that familiar for you, better ask for professional assistance; feel free to ask about the procedures done for you to be informed and to help you in the future.

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