U-Haul Truck Rentals: Practical Choice When Moving


Statistics shows that about 50 million people in North America move each year. On the average, a US resident move eleven times in his lifetime. Moving can be really stressful. Finding a reliable u-haul dealer for u-haul truck rentals is important if you want to move with ease.

U-haul Truck Rentals

Unless you own a truck, renting from a u-haul dealer is perhaps the most practical choice when moving. Big u-haul trucks can carry lots of stuff thus lessening wasted time, energy, and resources as you move back and forth from your old place to the new one.

The Cost of Renting a Truck

Some u-haul dealers include calculators in their website to help their clients determine their rental cost. A number of elements affect the price of u-haul truck rentals. Some of these factors include:

  • Daily base price of the truck (ranges from $19.95 to $39.95 depending on the size)
  • Mileage travelled during the move (about 79 cents to 89 cents per mile)
  • Insurance costs
  • Fuel costs

Beware of the mileage charges that u-haul dealers add to the daily base charge of u-haul truck rentals because this can add up significantly. Beware, too, of some large dealers that make you process paperwork in one location and then shuttle you to another to pick the vehicle up. This can add several miles to your overall total. For insurance costs, you must provide proof of insurance to avoid paying the price. Meanwhile, fuel costs can be avoided if you refuel the u-haul truck upon returning. Still, this depends on your agreement with the u-haul dealer.

imagesThe Size of Rental Trucks

Trucks for rent come in multiple sizes. The size that you need depends on the number of rooms you need to move. The largest u-haul truck rentals come in a 26-foot size which is recommended for a four-bedroom or larger house. The smallest one, on the other hand, is a 10-foot truck which is recommended for an apartment.

Driving Rental Trucks

Make sure you can drive a big truck safely, if that is what you are renting. Large u-haul truck rentals use manual transmissions. If you do not know how to operate vehicles with manual gears, tell this to the u-haul dealer. Some dealers offer driving services, too. In any case, always check with your auto insurance to be sure it covers you in case of an accident.

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