Cutting Costs with Swimming Pool Covers

imagesEvaporation is one problem in maintaining a swimming pool especially during the spring season. This is due to the changes in temperature. When the temperature goes higher and the wind speed increases, the humidity decreases resulting in a greater evaporation rate. Swimming pool covers reduce work with swimming pool maintenance and repairs and here’s why:

  • Safety – swimming pools are accident prone areas especially for children and the elderly. Installing swimming pool covers will help prevent you from spending on hospital bills due to falls and drowning.
  • Clean and clear – preventing your pool from junk accumulation is a tough job without swimming pool covers. Leaves, soil and sand all over can contaminate the water and is a high risk for skin irritations. Swimming pool covers will save you time and effort in hours of cleaning the filters and using the vacuum. Debris absorbs chemicals, which means that you have to spend more time in applying the right amount of products. Plus, your pool walls and floors are prone to damage. Swimming pool maintenance in this case will be a lot easier and more cost-efficient.
  • HealthUltraviolet rays can damage the chemical concentration of your pool that can result to two major problems. First is the decreased anti-septic effect of such chemicals! Without these chemicals, poor maintenance and care is corollary. And with that, infections are bound to happen. Second is the chemical reaction that can alter the compounds used in the pool that may cause skin irritations.
  • Practical – Pool heaters are great accessories! However, installation of such will require more expenses on electric bills. Swimming pool covers help in hastening pool heating and keeps the heat in for a longer period. Thus, keeping you from spending more on electric bills.
  • Longevity – Swimming pool covers are great in saving you from expensive swimming pool maintenance after pool hibernation. Swimming pool covers are essential especially during extreme weathers especially winter and spring; this can prevent growth of algae in your pool.


It is true that prevention is ten times better than the cure. The more problems that may come, the more money you need to spend on repairs and other treatments. Let swimming pool covers help you cut your costs and let it work its magic on making your pet glass pig a little fuller.

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