Save Money and Do Auto Oil Change Yourself

indexChanging oil is an important maintenance for any vehicle. I’ve been working for a car repair company in Tampa, FL for several years already and have performed countless auto oil change for car owners. There are car owners that have really kept up with their oil change schedules while there are those who would only bring their cars to the shop when there’s a problem with the oil already.

It doesn’t take a Tampa, FL professional car technician to perform an auto oil change. However, it will be best to get your first oil change done by a car technician so you can see the process and learn from it. It is quite simple really and I’ve taught most of my clients on how to do it themselves.

Auto oil change is inexpensive and easy which is why you can easily learn how to do it yourself. Here are the steps that I teach them to follow:

  • Warm up the car first so the oil becomes warmer. Open the hood of your car then open the oil filler cap.
  • Find the drain plug underneath the oil pain (back of the engine). Use the oil pan to catch the oil.
  • Using a wrench, loosen the drain plug. To avoid dropping the drain plug in the oil, you can use a screen to catch it. It is hard to look for the drain plug inside the black oil.
  • The toughest part of the process is to look for the filter assembly. It can be found in front, back or side of your car’s engine. Once you’ve located it, try steady twisting to remove it or use a wrench if you can’t.
  • If you’ve removed the filter, the rubber gasket ring should be removed too. Otherwise, the new filter won’t stick properly. For installation of the new filter, dab new car oil around the new gasket ring.
  • Also, use a new drain plug and a replacement gasket.
  • Now, carefully install the filter and make sure the gasket is tightened.
  • Pour the new oil. You can refer to your car’s manual to know exactly how much oil you need.
  • Close the oil filler cap and the hood. Start your car and see if there are any oil drips.


You see, auto oil change and changing filters are very important to maintain the good running performance of your car. Contaminants can clog the filter while the oil breaks down as well. Tampa, FL car owners should know that frequency of oil change depends on the driver’s driving habits as well as the type of vehicle. There are Tampa, FL cars that will need oil changing within 3 months while some can take longer.

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