Getting to Know Your Swimming Pool Heater: Installation, Maintenance, and Repair in Tampa

Cooling off in swimming pools during the months of July and August in Tampa can really be a blast. These are the times when you often forget about your swimming pool heater because with the intense heat in all of Tampa, who needs these things? But once winter starts coming sometime in December, you will surely start treating your pool heaters like best friends again. For those who haven’t gotten one installed yet, today is the perfect time to do so.

Swimming Pool Heater Installation

Pool heaters are best placed on a solid ground, preferably cement slab, near the pool’s filter system. Most heaters run on gas so have a gas line near the heater’s location. Start the swimming pool heater installation by tapping into the water line between the pump and the output to the returns to divert the flow of water towards the heater. Remember this swimming pool heater installation sequence: pump to the heater’s input, heater output to the line feeding the returns. Glue the pipes once they are in their proper places. You can use PVC cement for this.

Call qualified electricians and gas technicians for the installation of the electric line from the breaker panel to the pool heater, as well as to connect the gas feed to the heater. Improper hookups are very dangerous.

Pool Heater Maintenance

Swimming pool heater installation is just the beginning of your journey with your swimming pool heater. The next step is to maintain your heating system so that it will continue to do its job properly.

Pool heater maintenance is not a difficult job. Listed below are some pool heater maintenance tips for private swimming pool owners.

  • For gas heaters, check the gas supply regularly. For electrical heaters, clean the heating elements with a wire brush. Replace them as soon as you see signs of wearing.
  • Check the pipes for any leaks. You can use a soap solution. Spray on the pipe joints. Repair the pipes or call someone who knows how to repair them once you notice that bubbles begin to form.
  • Use a time setting system. Performance of your swimming pool heater improves when it works only when needed. The time setting system helps you determine how much time you need in order to achieve your preferred water temperature.

Pool Heater Repair

Remember to perform annual checkups with a professional pool heater repair technician. These annual checkups do help a lot in troubleshooting various concerns related to pool heater repair. These services cost minimal and will keep your swimming pool heater working efficiently for many years to come.

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