Male Waxing: What to Do

imagesA lot of people think that waxing is a task or routine only done by women. Well, they are wrong. If you consider hygiene on the list, it is a must for men to undergo waxing on a regular basis. Most think and agree that male waxing is a good way to keep men feeling fresh at all times especially during the summer heat. Below are the things you should take note to make male waxing successful.

  • Exfoliating– dead skin and oils are hindrances to successful back waxing and chest waxing. Waxing agents do not cover up or stick on to the hair follicles when covered with debris. Take time to scrub your back and chest (or even the whole body) before back waxing and chest waxing
  • Astringents– astringents and other facial or body cleansers are a big NO in male waxing. Due to its pore tightening effect, there is a huge possibility for your skin to have irritations and other problems; so if you can see someone having reddish spots all over his body days after back waxing and chest waxing, think about what he could have done.
  • Intake– your intake is the most important in maintaining a great skin. In male waxing, getting to know the effects of alcohol intake before waxing. Skin sensitivity increases after alcohol and caffeine intake.
  • Continuity most people get lazy going to the wax spa for chest waxing or back waxing, so instead of that, they go to the last option, shaving. Shaving in between sessions will worsen the pain. Little do they know that the thicker the hair follicle is, the more male waxing becomes painful.
  • After care– application of lotions, ointments and other agents after male waxing is not a good idea. After back waxing or chest waxing, the pores of the skin are opened, thus there is a possibility for agents to accumulate and create certain skin irritations when not taken care of.


Get that clean and macho look with male waxing. Never worry about pain and unwanted results of back waxing or chest waxing as long as you follow the things above.


European Wax Center
2532 State Road 580, STEG Clearwater, FL

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