Finding a Convention Center in Tampa

Conventions are common in the corporate world. We have all attended a convention at some point in our lives. But what does it take to organize one?


Planning ahead of time is crucial for any convention to be successful. You have to find a convention center with a floor area than can accommodate large number of attendees and guests. Fortunately, there are convention centers in Tampa with provisions for lecture halls, meeting rooms, conference halls, and even a place for leisure.

Factors When Choosing a Convention Center

  1. Location. Is it easily accessible to the target attendees? If not, is it close to a hotel or some place to stay in case some attendees want to get rest before and after a convention before driving to and from home? Is it within close proximity to airports and various commercial districts just in case the organizers and attendees need to buy something or to dine somewhere?
  2. Size. Aside from location, another factor to consider is the size of the convention center. A room that is too small may look very crowded when filled, and a room that is too big can drown the whole convention in the sense that it looks like there are fewer attendees, when in fact there are already quite a handful.
  3. Amenities. Amenities and available equipment should also be considered when choosing a convention center.  Not having to think of bringing your own equipment will ease a major burden on your part as the event organizer. Imagine transporting and setting up projectors, screens, sound system, TV, DVD player, etc. Wouldn’t it be easier if the things you need are already provided by the convention center itself?
  4. Price. Last but not the least is the price. While you want to find the best convention center in Tampa, you surely would want it to be priced reasonably and fairly. Convention center rental rates should be as clear as the sky on a sunny day. Double check if they add additional price for the use of equipment (whether the equipment is brought or comes with the venue). Do not hesitate to ask if it is already included in the package of the convention center or is it paid separately on an hourly basis. The price of your convention center in Tampa will affect your convention’s participation fee, and ultimately, the attendance.


Remember these tips and choose wisely when scouting for a convention center in Tampa.

Bayanihan Arts & Events Center
14301 Nine Eagles Dr
Tampa, FL 33626
(813) 925-1232

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