Deep Tissue Massage: Knowing Its Limitations


Now that almost everybody is in need of relaxation because of all the stressful events around us, deep tissue massage is a recommended treatment in keeping you pain free, stress free and full of energy.  Deep tissue massage is a therapy that includes the same technique as reflexology– pressure is applied on certain points in the body to reduce pain or enhance blood flow. Deep tissue massage focuses on the point of origin of the pain. However, there are downsides to having this type of personal care.

  • Finance– if you think that deep tissue massage should be a regular practice for you, then think about your budget for the week or the month. Massage therapy will cost depending on the type for deep tissue massage, you will probably be spending about $200 per hour; it is best for you to be practical about this.
  • Time– therapeutic massages will take time. Deep tissue massage for medical purposes will probably take a little longer. For busy people, a commitment to this therapy is a must since you cannot multitask during the session. If you are free during the evenings, there are clinics or centers that extend their time for busy clients. In some cases, massage therapists charge you if you fail to arrive on the set appointment.
  • Intimacy– deep tissue massage and other massage therapy will include taking off most of your clothing; for some people, the situation is a bit bothering and stressful for them. So instead of making deep tissue massage relaxing, it turns out to be a very awkward experience for them.
  • Injury therapeutic treatments will require the cooperation of physicians; there is a need for clients who have cardiac or pulmonary problems to ask their doctors before setting an appointment. Another problem would be accidental injuries where professional make every effort not to hurt their clients but still, during the deep tissue massage, there are several problems encountered such as soreness and for fragile clients, breaks and bruises.

Deep tissue massage can be therapeutic, but there are limitations that you should be aware of before the procedure. Visit your local spa and see if this massage is for you.

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