Making A Smart Choice with your Tampa Wedding Venue

At last, the proposal was made and a wedding is on the way a year later. While you may be excited to spend the lifetime with the love of your life, you have to do some wedding planning first. One of the most important things in planning is to pick your Tampa wedding venue. What are the factors to consider so you can make the right choice?

Although couples may have a gut feel that a certain venue is perfect, you shouldn’t always go with your gut feel. When it comes to picking a Tampa wedding venue, you have to be more analytical and practical at best. Let’s break this down further and consider the different factors in choosing a venue for your wedding.

  • Decorations and add-ons – While the space of the Tampa wedding venue looks spacious enough, you need to get something bigger. This is because you’ll be adding decorations and features that will take up space. You might want to add a photo booth, dance floor, ice sculpture or chocolate fountain but if you have no extra space, the venue will be cramped.
  • Location – Guests around the country would want to spend your wedding day with you. So, make sure that you pick a Tampa wedding venue that is close to an affordable yet comfortable place of accommodation. Don’t make it difficult for your out-of-town guests to go to your wedding.
  • Beauty– Is the place beautiful? Or more specific, is it photogenic? You’ll be taking close to thousands of photos on your wedding day with the venue as your backdrop. You have to make sure that the venue looks spectacular. Even the guests will want to do a photo-op on their own too.
  • Food – When it comes to food catering, you should ask the venue if they provide food catering as part of the package already. This will be more affordable and convenient for you. You need not worry about finding a different caterer as well as the table and room setups anymore. But don’t forget to do a taste test on the menu first. Your food should taste exquisite that day.

Every couple wants to have a perfect wedding day but of course, you must be ready to settle with “close to perfect”. What really matters is that you spend the day with your loved ones and make it a memorable experience for everyone which is why you should pick your venue wisely.

Bayanihan Arts and Event Center
14301 Nine Eagles Dr. Tampa, FL 33626
(813) 925-1232

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