What happens during a Wholesale Transmission Repair?

We all love our cars, but not all of us are knowledgeable when it comes to auto repair. For one, most car owners have no idea what a wholesale transmission repair is and when to do it.

Wholesale transmission repair is very important to avoid having a rebuilt transmission. Though a rebuilt transmission is not a bad thing, it is better if your vehicles are well-maintained so as not to undergo such expensive auto repair procedures.

Before undergoing wholesale transmission repair, other transmission services are first done on your vehicle. These include: diagnostics, comprehensive inspection, and test drive. Professional mechanics perform these services to take note of the parts that require replacement and minor repairs without having to dismount the transmission from the car.

Wholesale transmission repair seeks to know the root cause of the transmission problem at hand. After doing the preliminary services mentioned earlier and it is found out that there is a need for rebuilding the transmission, the next steps will follow suit:

  1. The transmission is removed from the vehicle, placed on a working bench, and subsequently dismantled for analysis and inspection.
  2. The transmission is chemically cleaned through a quick run through with a parts washer.
  3. Parts that need replacement, including seals and gaskets, are replaced with new ones. Replacement of parts happen while the transmission is mounted on a transmission rebuild work bench.
  4. Electrical repairs, if there are any, are completed.
  5. The transmission is re-installed in the vehicle.

A successful wholesale transmission repair rebuilds the transmission as if it came straight from the manufacturing plant. You know you have gone to quality transmission repair specialists if your rebuilt transmission feels as good as new, if not better. A lot of car owners in Tampa FL who are driving vehicles with successfully rebuilt transmissions have no complaints regarding their car’s performance on the road.

You do not have to wait for transmission problems to occur before you visit a wholesale transmission repair shop. Professional mechanics advise their clients to follow a schedule in terms of transmission diagnostic and repair to keep their vehicles tuned up. It is important that this schedule is followed because there are advancements and recent developments with transmission technology and parts since you last bought your vehicle in the shop. This is your chance to get hold of the latest and updated parts in Tampa FL. These updates do not only improve the performance of your transmission, they also lengthen its life.

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