Hot Stone Massage Through The Years



Hot stone massage is a massage therapy routine in which warmed stones are placed in certain positions of the body to achieve maximum therapeutic results. A lot of people have taken interest in this therapeutic massage as it brings numerous benefits including muscle relaxation, pain relief, and improved circulation among many others.


When did Hot Stone Massage start?


While most people find the use of stones in massage therapy helpful, the majority of them have no idea as to when this practice started. Actually, the use of stones and other gemstones for massage and healing purposes began thousands of years ago.


There are written accounts which confirm that Ancient China used heated stones to improve the function of the body’s internal organs. North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Egypt, and India also used stones for healing purposes. In Spain, heated stones were used by folk healers to lessen menstrual pains, while cold stones are used to stop bleeding after child birth.


But the most recent use of heated stones that serve as the springboard of the hot stone massage we know today can be attributed to Mary Nelson and her LaStone Therapy. This form of massage therapy was received lightly when it started in 1993, but has grown into a multi-million dollar industry today.


Today’s Hot Stone Massage


Since the introduction of modern hot stone massage in 1993, it has evolved and branched out to numerous forms of therapeutic remedies including hot stone facials and hot stone meridian therapy. It has also been a part of deep tissue specific work in massage therapy.


When done correctly, hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing form of massage that a person can receive. It helps soften hard and tense muscles so that the massage therapist can easily work on breaking muscle stress and tensions.


The process of today’s hot stone massage includes:


  1. Heating the stones in water with a temperature of about 120-150 degrees
  2. Warming up of muscles through traditional Swedish Massage
  3. Placing of heated stones on various muscle groups including spine, palms of hands, belly, and toes to improve flow of blood and energy
  4. Deep tissue massage follow-up to break the softened muscle tensions
  5. Cooling down or resting before the session ends


Hot stone massage is an experience worth having. If you want to give this therapeutic massage a try, contact the nearest massage clinic in your area.


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