Preventive Maintenance for Your Mac

Preventive maintenance for your Mac does not mean that you need professional education in the field; all you have to do is have a background or learn how to do daily and weekly set ups.

  • Daily backup files– Every time you get to finish a task, it is best to make a backup file for this will save you from problems in the future. Luckily, Mac’s are built with a comprehensive backup system. Using an external hard drive for your backup files is also a great idea just in case an internal backup is unavailable. This is applicable to older models of Mac systems.
  • Weekly booting– rebooting is a great preventive maintenance in updating and reinstalling programs that are failing. Using another hard drive in rebooting or reinstalling programs is used when your Mac’s internal hard drive starts to fail.
  • Monthly hard drive check– a month of saving and restoring files will result to a full memory in your Mac and deleted files. Aside from the backup, preventive maintenance like checking the capacity of your hard drive is most important.
  • Picking the right personnel– in times of emergency or severe damage when preventive maintenance is ignored, there is a possibility for your hard drive to break down and stop its programmed task. After trying manual repairs and/or adjustments, and your Mac doesn’t work still, it is best to keep a contact of your trusted repair technician or better look for the warranty grant you paid for.
  • Upgrades- upgrading your Mac system means higher and larger storage space and other applications. Making sure that the preventive maintenance disks or programs that you install would not take too much of your Mac’s storage space because there is a possibility for your system to run slow due to the load. Another type of upgrade is buying higher quality external hard drives to give more space.

The reason why more people buy new gadgets as often as they want is due to the fact that preventive maintenance is not followed. Save more through preventive maintenance and you’d be surprised by how much you can save. Contact your trusted local computer service companies to know more about this

iTech Computer Solutions
235 West Brandon Blvd. Suite #224 Brandon , FL 33511

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