Why Your Business Needs A VOIP Phone System Now!

Big and small businesses are making the move, so why stay behind? Gone are the days when traditional phone systems are the only communication options for business. Thanks to the internet, the VOIP phone system has come to life and it’s actually making the communication process more effective and efficient.

indexSmall business VOIP isn’t just a hype, you actually gain a lot of benefits if you get it installed. For one, you can save on paying for long distance calls as you are simply using your internet connection to make the call. You can save on faxes and hardware as well.

Just to prove that you actually need a VOIP phone system now, let us see if you’ve been experiencing these frustrating situations with your current phone system.

  • Calls Drop

Any experience with calls that drop for no reason is a sign that you need a small business VOIP phone system already. Calls are dropped because there is service disruption or your network cannot handle the incoming calls anymore. Companies using a VOIP phone system experience less dropped calls due to the almost unlimited number of phone lines, which prevents the call capacity issue.

  • Cannot use Network in Other Locations

If you’re assigned to work outside the office or elsewhere, you won’t have access to the network. Hence, you will have to pay for your calls separately. If you use a small business VOIP phone system, you can access the phone system wherever you are. You can access it using your laptop, tablet or any gadget that supports VOIP. Now that’s extreme savings and convenience of the company.

  • Outdated Features

The traditional phone system already lacks the features that companies need today. It lacks the technology to offer cutting-edge features to customers compared to a VOIP phone system. Can a traditional phone system handle video call conferencing without any additional hardware needed? A small business VOIP phone system offers call forwarding, call tracking, call holding, online faxing and many more features.

VOIP phone systems are very affordable, convenient, easy to use and user-friendly. Plus, it gives you a bunch of features that will give you a bang for your buck. Enjoy less dropped calls, unlimited call capacity and remote accessibility.

However, do make sure that you only hire the services of a reputable VOIP service provider. Otherwise, you’ll be facing communication problems too. So, have you decided to make the switch already?




Digital South Communications
2030 Weaver Park Drive, Clearwater, FL  33765

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