Boosting Self- Esteem with Underarm Waxing

It is true that wearing your clothes with confidence will increase your appeal. Waxing is the best option these days because of the lesser chances of getting other types of skin irritation and the availability of service is easy. Underarm waxing has its pros and cons; but compared to shaving and plucking, underarm waxing can bring more dependable results.


Now that the rainy season is in, it doesn’t mean that you get to hide and cover everything. The first step in keeping a smooth and clear skin is always underarm waxing. Shaving has been a practice during the early 90s and it still is up to this generation. However, shaving is known to have a lot of negative results such as darkening, bruising and ingrown hair. See how underarm waxing helps in bringing the best out of your beauty.



How is it done?

  • Underarm waxing is done by spreading a thin layer of beeswax on armpits with hair of at least 3cm of length. In that way, your underarm should be free from lotions, deodorants or any oil based products. The wax is spread following the direction of the hair growth and is pulled in its opposite direction. Reddening and slight bleeding can be noticed especially for first timers so it is best to follow some pre and post underarm waxing practices.


Pre- underarm waxing rules:

  • No to astringents-  astringents pore tightening solutions and are not advisable before underarm waxing. When pores are tight during underarm waxing, your skin is prone to breakage, bruising and ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is present due to broken follicles that are stuck on the pores of the skin that had closed.
  • Hair length- underarm waxing should be done with a hair length of at least 3cm but should not exceed 5cm. The beeswax can be ineffective in long underarm hair, so it is best to keep it close to the root of the hair follicle.
  • Exfoliate- make sure to keep your skin away from dirt to increase the effectiveness of underarm waxing. Plus, exfoliation lessens skin irritation due to dirt.


Post underarm waxing rules:

  • Never put on deodorants- the pores of the skin are open after underarm waxing.  You are prone to having pimples or other skin problems when chemicals invade the area so it is best to wait for at least 12 hours post underarm waxing before applying deodorants.
  • Cold wash/ compress- when reddening or soreness is felt and seen after underarm waxing, it is best to apply cold compress to lessen the pain, especially for first timers.


You can enjoy wearing everything you want by being hairless and beautiful with underarm waxing.




European Wax Center South Tampa
3830 West Neptune Ave, Tampa, FL 33629

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