Keratin Treatment: It’s More Than Just Shiny Hair

The ladies get a lot of bad hair days in the month of June due to the weather, especially in Tampa, FL. The only solution to this is by keeping a regular schedule and appointments with your favorite salon and getting the right treatment fit for your crowning glory. See how Awapuhi Treatment and Keratin treatment works.


imagesKeratin Treatment


Keratin is composed of three major proteins and a lot of amino acids, which is found on the skin, nails and the hair. Keratin treatment protects and smoothens the hair shafts by coating the hair follicle. Keratin hair treatment penetrates into the hair follicles, and filling in breaks and other damages that caused the dryness. Keratin treatment is best for dry and frizzy hair and will result to a straighter and smoother look on you. However, Keratin can be harmful. Make sure that you or your salon picks a product that contains a lesser percentage of formaldehyde in the mixture. Taking extra precautions on such chemicals will help save you and your hair from further damages such as breakage and hair fall. You don’t want your treatment turn into disaster now, do you?

Salons all over the world recommend the use of products with almost zero harmful chemicals and focus on the natural sources. The keratin complex treatment is a natural version of keratin treatment that holds on to the natural side of the treatment. The advantage of such treatment is that it is safe for those planning on having their hair colored. Keratin treated hair is like strands that are protected and sealed; so chemicals such as hair color are easily applied but do not penetrate into the hair follicles and damage every strand.

On the other hand, if you are experimenting with natural hair treatments, Awapuhi is one of the newest treatments to keratin treatment. The Awapuhi is a plant of the ginger family. Its bulbs are great conditioners and are now used in salons as an alternative to keratin treatment.  So if you’re looking for a more natural way of keeping your hair perfect and smooth, then you may opt for the Awapuhi hair treatment.

Whatever treatment you choose, you are sure to have the perfect hair on any month of the year. Just remember to choose your salon from which you’d have your treatment wisely and everything will run smoothly.

Say goodbye to bad hair days! Get your hair treated now.



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