Keep Your Eye Out for These Swimming Pool Maintenance Issues

Even though the rainy season has started to settle down in Florida, you cannot just simply ignore your swimming pool. You can’t expect it to still be in great condition without doing regular maintenance. The problem is that most people will only take action once they see something wrong. But in the meantime, they’ll just set aside the maintenance.

Swimming pool maintenance is something that you can do alone or hire a professional service company for. However, to avoid the risk of breaking things further, it is highly advisable to hire professional pool technicians to do the maintenance and repairs.

So, what are the common swimming pool issues that you should keep an eye out for? Take a look at the signs and call the swimming pool maintenance company in your area right away.


Green Tinged Water

When the water in your pool looks cloudy but there is more of a green tinge to it, you may be having a green algae problem. This can be caused by a blockage in your water filter or a broken filtration system. If this is the case, you may need to call the swimming pool maintenance company to get a new filter installed and see if that works to remove the cloudy water. Checking the pH of the water is necessary too to know if the water needs a stabilizer.


Discolored Water

If the water in your pool takes on a different color like maybe a copper tinge, this may be due to corroding pool equipment. Copper pool equipment tends to rust over time because of the pool chemicals and wear and tear. The best thing to do is scrub the areas that are rusting and then remove the rust deposits. However, if the pH level of the water has been affected due to the corroding copper equipment, your pool may need a metal chelating agent to balance the pH once again.


Build Ups

If you notice that something is building up on the pool’s walls, floors and equipment, this may be calcium carbonate. Removing it can be done with a waterproof sandpaper. An unbalanced pH is the main cause of accumulating calcium carbonate, which is why your water has to be checked regularly. Such an issue needs to be handled immediately. Otherwise, the buildup will be very hard to remove.



If you notice these common pool problems, give your local swimming pool maintenance company a call. The earlier the problem is fixed, the less repair costs you will have to pay for.




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