Preparing Your Wedding Venue for A Rainy Day

The rainy season has arrived but this shouldn’t stop you from having the best day of your life. So what if the weather forecast says that it will rain on your wedding day? It’s not the end of the world. However, you may need to take some action to make sure that your wedding remains amazing despite the downpour.

What wedding venue did you pick? The good news is that if you want to exchange vows outdoors, you can still do so. You can even ask the guests to stand in the rain with their umbrellas just to see you get married. After all, it is your big day! But after that, make sure to move to an indoor wedding venue for the reception. The rain shouldn’t spoil the delicious meals you have prepared for your guests.

In relation to the wedding venue, you must also talk to your vendors about how they will deal with the rainy day. Although these people are professionals and know how to troubleshoot, you should know what they’ll do. In addition, check if the venue can actually accommodate the extra needs of your vendors during the rainy wedding day.

Now, you have to do some extra shopping too. Given that the forecast says it will rain on your wedding day, buy matching umbrellas for everyone. The uniform look when the guests stand up for the ceremony will look great in the photos. You may also want to buy some rain boots for the guests if you have the budget for it. What to do with these things after the wedding? Give them as souvenirs so your guests can remember the unique wedding they were a part of.

The rain shouldn’t make everything ugly. If you take on a more positive perspective, you can use the rain to your advantage. Photographers can play with the light, especially if there’s a little sunshine and some rain drops falling. The wedding venue need not look drenched as well. With the bright colored flowers and decorations, it will still look perfect for your wedding.

The rain makes for a good backdrop especially for that special kiss. It’s actually more dramatic compared to simply kissing under the bright sunshine. Embrace the rain and enjoy the day. It’s not like you can do anything about it anyway. Come to think of it, you’ll have one of the most memorable weddings ever.




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