NEC Phone System for the Digital Age


The NEC phone system is made by the company called NEC, a Tokyo-based company. NEC supplies phone systems to different companies (big and small) all over the world. The company has been very successful; they are the largest manufacturer of business phone systems in the world. What made businesses switch to this phone system?

NEC says that it’s their advanced VOIP phone system feature that makes them a hit among small and large businesses. NEC has manufactured over a dozen of business phone systems, each with its own unique feature that a business will benefit from.


The VOIP Phone System Feature

VOIP or voice-over-internet-protocol is a completely different type of phone system from the traditional phone lines. VOIP relies on an internet connection, not on telephone cables. And since almost every office has internet access, maximizing this internet connectivity with VOIP phone systems is a smart decision.

What’s probably the most amazing feature of the NEC phone system is its ability to make voice calls, video calls, video conferencing, fax, SMS and many more. With all these features in just one phone system, companies enjoy more convenience and ease in communication. Why settle for messy cables and phone lines when you can do the same thing (with a VOIP phone system) without them?


Is the NEC Phone Systems Worth the Change?

If companies are making the switch, there’s an important reason why. The NEC phone system is a cheaper option as there is very little hardware needed to be installed and set up. On top of that, the free calls you can make over the internet will be worth tons of savings.

The NEC phone system is easy to use. There’s little training required for employees to use it. This is another addition to your company’s savings.

NEC phone systems can easily be connected to your fax network. Hence, you really don’t need to maintain a separate phone line for that. Again, the savings on your company’s part as you really don’t need any additional phone lines anymore.

Companies invest in their communication systems because this is how they communicate with employees, business partners, companies, suppliers and more importantly, the customers. However, making an investment doesn’t mean you won’t consider the savings you can get.

A traditional phone system may be working fine for you now but with the digital age, you are bound to make technological changes soon enough. So why not make the change now and start reaping the benefits?



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