Recovery Success from Physical Therapy


Physical therapy or PT is prescribed to aid in the recovery process of a patient who suffered a physical injury or post-surgery. PT is not just about doing a set of exercises and waiting for the injured part to grow stronger once again. There are factors that contribute to a successful recovery process and a speedy one at that.

In physical therapy, patients are given a personalized exercise program to follow. But at the same time, it is very important for PT patients to undergo massage therapy as well. The massage therapy will help the injured area to heal through improving blood circulation, reduce swelling and assist in restoring mobility as well. Massage therapy can also help relax the muscles after a tiring PT session.

Aside from massage therapy, you have to consider your medications, dietary intake and quality rest. These three factors will greatly help you in recovering faster and having a successful physical therapy treatment. It is important that you eat the right food and get enough rest to allow the body to recover too.

However, there is one factor that most people neglect to focus on during the recovery process. This is the power of the mind and how it will help you achieve full recovery. By taking control of your mind, you can motivate and push yourself more. If your mind is focused on the successful outcome, your body will work hard to achieve that.

Many people tend to lose sight of how powerful the mind can be. As the old adage goes, “mind over matter” truly applies here. Take for example how coaches get into the mind of their players before a game. While the training season will focus on the physical body, coaches will strengthen the mind of athletes as the game nears.

With this being said, you must be able to find a physical therapist who will help your mind and body recover from your injury. Someone who is genuinely concerned about your well-being and not just someone who wants to complete a checklist in your recovery plan.

Physical therapy focuses on the body while massage therapy focuses on both mind and body which is why you need both of these. Then again, don’t forget about tapping into your emotions too. During this time, you may feel a bit depressed. But if you let your mind do the work, it can change your negative feelings to positive ones and your entire body will feel the positivity.



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