Garage Door Hinges Replacement

Garage door hinges are important parts of garage doors. Problems related to safety and security arise when these hinges become worn and torn over time. Replacing garage door hinges are best left for professionals. But if you want to give this DIY thing a shot, then here are some information you might want to know before you continue with this special project.


Getting to Know Your Garage Door

Before replacing your old garage door hinges, you need to know how many hinges are there exactly. A single car garage door has two bottom hinges, two top hinges, two #2 hinges, two #3 hinges, and five #1 hinges. Knowing the specific number of hinges is important when buying new ones.  You need to give this information to the salesperson for him to be able to give you the correct number of hinges and rollers for your door.


Replacing those Broken Garage Door Hinges

Here is a summary of what you need to do:


  1. Disengage the garage door from its opener by unplugging the power cord of the garage door opener from the ceiling outlet and pulling the emergency release cord.
  2. Clamp a pair of vice grips to the track 6 inches below the first side hinge. Make sure you place the handle of the vice grips on the bottom section to keep the section from bowing inward.
  3. Remove the nuts from the carriage bolts using a 7/16-inch socket wrench.
  4. Pry the hinges off the carriage bolts by sliding a flathead screwdriver between the door section and the hinge.
  5. Pull the hinge away from the door and the roller out of the track. Insert a new roller into the #1 hinge and slide the roller into the door track.
  6. Reattach the nuts to the carriage bolts and tighten completely. Remove the vice grips from the door track and move up to the next hinge.
  7. Repeat this process for the next two garage door hinges. Do the same on the opposite side of the garage door. Replace the side hinges first before proceeding to the top and center hinges.

Once you have replaced all of the garage door hinges, plug the garage door opener. Test if everything is working properly. If problems arise, don’t fret. Lift the handset of your phone and dial the number of the nearest provider of garage door services in your area.



Trinity Garage Door Service, Inc.
Palm Harbor, FL
(813) 447-3874

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