Tire Cleaning Made Easy

imagesWho wouldn’t want to maintain the cleanliness of the tires of their cars? Unfortunately, tires do get dirty especially when the rainy season comes in Tampa. But we need to clean tires, nonetheless, as this is essential to maintain them and to prevent the onset of wear and tear. Here are five tips on how you can easily clean tires and make them look as good as new.

1. Shampoo your new tires

Dozens of cleaning products are found in the market. They often come in powdered form. When dissolved in water, they transform into a frothy shampoo-like solution that effectively rids tires of dirt and debris.

2. Use sprays.

Application of cleaning solutions can either be done using a cloth or a spray. The spray is the more convenient option between the two, though. With sprays, you do not have to spend time pouring cleaning solutions on cloth before applying it on the tires. You directly apply cleaning solutions on new tires through the sprays.

3. Explore stiff brushes

If your tire has old dressing made from petroleum or silicone, you may need to use a very stiff brush to clean it. Some people just dig their fingernails into the current dressing, but this is not hygienic, of course. Spray a light amount of tire cleaner or all purpose cleaner on the tire and scrub with a short bristle brush. Scrub in a circular motion until the existing dressing balls up and begins to loosen.

4. Make use of microfibers

Microfiber was originally designed for cleaning, long before retailers demanded plush versions for the purposes of polishing and removing wax. You will be amazed with microfiber’s performance as a cleaner. Use microfiber when scrubbing your new tires. The amount of junk removed by the microfiber from your tires will surprise you.

5. Apply tire wax

Preventing dirt from sticking onto your new tires is the best way of making them clean. Apply tire wax on your new tires so they won’t be easily affected by dirt. Tire wax acts as tire protectors. With tire protectors, you can rest assured that half of the dirt never goes to your tire.


Do not let the rainy season of Tampa rip you off your right to drive with clean wheels all across town. Clean your tires regularly to maintain them in their optimum performance.



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