Ways on How to Avoid AC Repairs


Getting your air conditioning running can be expensive without proper maintenance. There are a lot of ways on how to reduce the loads on your electric bills and other expenses but avoiding the most common mistakes will save you a lot more on all the mind blowing expenses.


Bigger is not always better. Owners always assume that when the air conditioning is large, they can cool the place faster and easier. Little do they know that larger the air conditioning systems do not generate uniform temperature or reduce humidity. One thing that could cause expensive AC repairs is the quick on and off cycling. Of course, small air conditioning systems will never produce sufficient amount of cool air; which will cause the system to overwork and will result to AC repairs.


Putting your air conditioning system in a hot area will lessen its effectiveness. Plus, when the system is surrounded by hot air, the unit is forced to work so hard. Make sure to take them away from direct sunlight or in enclosed edges of your place.

Proper maintenance

Avoiding AC repairs will always start with proper maintenance. Replacing damaged parts immediately, regular cleanups especially for the filters and evaporator coil will help your air conditioning system breathe and lessen the need for AC repairs.


Keeping your air conditioning system running the whole day will really take your bills to the top of your expenses. Another problem with such is that overuse will cause overheating too. Luckily, newer air conditioning systems are built with timers and programmable thermostats to reduce or increase the temperature when you’re asleep.

Closing unused vents

When you are using a centralized air conditioning system, make sure to close the doors of rooms that are not being used. Also, make sure to close the windows properly.  This will heat up the system and as expected, will result to expensive AC repairs.

Ceiling fan tandem

The ceiling fan and your air conditioning system should work as a team to reduce the need for the air conditioning system to work hard as a substitute for the fan. AC repairs can be reduced since the downward motion of the cool air bring a wind chill effect that makes you feel cooler.

There are a lot more things to consider when reducing the need for AC repairs. But knowing the basics is a big leap.



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