Does Your Car Need Auto Oil Change in the Rainy Season?

Every car needs an auto oil change once in a while and there is no excuse why you shouldn’t get this service even during the rainy days. It is part of the safety and maintenance tips that you need to do especially during the rainy season and even after it.


As you may be aware, car parts are made of metals. And when it rains, these metal car parts may corrode and turn to rust. Now that’s something you wouldn’t want to happen to your car as it will be more expensive to replace these car parts. So to help you prepare your car for the rainy days, follow this basic car maintenance guideline:

  • Car Body– Your car’s first line of defense from the harsh weather is the body or chassis. It is most exposed to wear and tear which is worst during the rainy season. Why is that? Rainwater contains salt that can have a negative effect on the metallic car parts. Therefore, bring your car to the auto shop and make sure that rainwater is properly drained from your chassis to prevent rusting and corrosion.
  • Tires– Your car tires should function its best during the rainy season because the roads will be very slippery. If there’s a problem with your tire, losing control of the car can happen. You need to get the treads checked. If your tire is tread-bare, the friction force is absent. Also, the best tire pressure during this low temperature season is 10% more than your normal tire pressure.
  • Brakes– The importance of checking your car’s brake condition is of crucial importance during the wet season. It is vital to every driver’s safety. Just like with the tires, a reliable brake is very important when the road is slippery. The only way to maintain the good condition of car brakes is to get the brake fluid and brake pad checked. Any dirt on the brake pads should be removed immediately.
  • Oil– Auto oil change should be regularly done even if its raining or not. But we’d like to emphasize here that you may want to stick to the habit of regular auto oil change. That’s because having your car breakdown under a downpour due to oil shortage is very inconvenient. You must get your oil changed every 5000km traveled.
  • Other car parts– You also need to get your transmission fluid, wiper fluid, power steering oil, lights and battery checked. Giving the car a bath is necessary to remove any salt compounds that can accumulate and cause corrosion of your car’s paint. Applying wax will be very helpful.


You will need your car more in the rainy season because it will be more of a hassle to commute during these times. Hence, take extra care of your car. Get an auto oil change, get your brakes and tires checked or better yet, go to a professional auto shop and let them tell you what your car needs.




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