Furniture Delivery: To Tip or Not to Tip

There is a lot of affordable furniture available in Tampa so it is not surprising that many people in the area arrange for furniture delivery every now and then. But unlike in the restaurant business where there are fixed rates for tipping, rates for furniture delivery are vacillating. How then will we know when and how much to tip when our affordable furniture is delivered at our homes?

imagesHere are some considerations that can help you decide on the matter:

Consider the work done.

We all know that moving furniture is not easy. People handling furniture delivery in Tampa may have to maneuver large pieces of affordable furniture through difficult entryways or up a set of stairs. If you have special requests as to how your furniture delivery should go, then it is only fitting that you give a tip for the delivery person who assisted you. You might even consider giving a bigger tip if they go beyond what is expected of them.

Carelessness is a no-no.

Accidents do happen during a furniture delivery. But there is a huge difference between accident and carelessness. Any delivery man is expected to be careful when handling affordable furniture. It is his job to be cautious. Any damage done to your house and furniture pieces revoke tipping. It is as simple as that.

Double check furniture delivery charges.

Some furniture shops in Tampa charge for additional services like furniture delivery. However, CNN Money says that a tip should still be given to the delivery personnel because the delivery fee does not go to them. But you have to double-check though because there are instances when the delivery fee does go to the personnel.  It is then your decision on whether or not you should tip based on how the performance of the furniture delivery guy was.

Do not let your furniture delivery tipping dilemma hinder your enjoyment of your newly bought affordable furniture in Tampa. Since it is not as common for furniture delivery people to be tipped, you will not commit a major etiquette faux pas if you decide do not tip. But if you feel like the furniture delivery men deserves tipping, you may choose from tips amounting to $5 to $10, or $20 for larger orders.



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