Jaguar OEM Parts VS Aftermarket: A Breakdown of the Pros and Cons

First of all, what does OEM stand for? It is “Original Equipment Manufacturer” which means that the car part is made by the manufacturer itself. The aftermarket car parts are made by anyone else or more often, an auto repair shop.

When you bring your Jaguar to the original dealer, you can expect to get Jaguar OEM parts. But if you choose to bring it to an independent auto shop, it’s sort of automatic that you’ll be getting aftermarket car parts. But the more riveting question is, which one is better? Are aftermarket car parts made with poor quality? To answer these questions, let us go into the details.

imagesOEM Car Parts

When you choose Jaguar OEM parts, you will have an easier time finding the car part that you need. And of course, you have a greater assurance that you are getting a quality car part as it is made by the car’s manufacturer. There’s peace of mind knowing that the car part you’re replacing with is the exact car part you need—the original one. There’s no more evaluating which car part is better since there’s only one. Hence, you are more confident with the performance and more familiar with how it functions.

The only downside of Jaguar OEM parts is that it is more expensive and you can only buy it from the dealer. Often, you will need to order these car parts and it can take a while before you can get it.

Aftermarket Car Parts

Aftermarket car parts do not come from the car makers at all. These are made by other companies with the purpose of making the parts function like the original or even better. The benefits of aftermarket car parts include its affordable prices, availability, choices and good quality. These parts are easy to find and are quite cheap. Thus, you need not wait a long time to get your car parts replaced.

On the other hand, you cannot be sure about the quality of the car parts. With the variety of selections from different companies, it will be hard to compare which one is actually better.

The Winner

The decision of which one to choose is really up to you but if you’re looking for a high quality part for your Jaguar, you’re better off with Jaguar OEM parts. You see, all OEM parts are created with the same standards; aftermarket parts are created differently. After all, the extra money you’ll pay for the OEM parts is worth it for the quality you’ll be getting.



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