Cat5 Installation: Do You Need It?


Cat5 cables may sound too technical but you probably know this already. Surprise, Cat5 cables is actually the Ethernet cables you use to connect the computer to the internet. You may have even bought this already from the local electronics shop but just asked for an Ethernet cable.

There are households that prefer Cat5 installation all the way, not just for internet and computers. They want to be able to build a wireless network at home including security cameras, online gaming, cable TV and etc. A professional telecom company can help you with the Cat5 installation but you have to know what it is first and how will it benefit you.

Cat5 is short for category 5 cables. There’s a more enhanced Cat5 cable called Cat5e and one for Gigabit Ethernet use, which is the cat6 cable. These are cables that can be used for crossover and patch. Crossover cables are for connecting a computer to another computer, while the patch cables are used for connecting the computer to the router. Cat5 cables usually run 100 meters.

The telecom company will tell you that Cat5 cables are best for indoor use. If you need to place one outdoors, there are specialty Cat5 cables. But wait, why should you even consider a Cat5 installation anyway?

  • If you’re into gaming then using the Cat5 cable as a crossover cable will definitely be better for head to head gaming.
  • Cat5 cables are actually cheaper than the Cat6. Plus, it is easier to find them in stores too.
  • Cat6 cables require Gigabit Ethernet. And this means that all the components you are using should be Gigabit Ethernet compatible.
  • Right now, people prefer Cat5 installation as it is more convenient.

Now that you know why you should consider using Cat5 cables in the entire house, the next challenge is to look for a company to do the installation for you. There are DIY tutorials online on how to do the installation yourself. But come on, do you really want to take the risk? This is your network that we’re talking about here and we know that any jammed internet signal can be frustrating.

So, look for a Tampa company that offers this service and give them a call. Let the professionals do what they do best. The service is well-worth your money and you’ll end up not spending money on problems that you might’ve caused.



Tribute Telecom, LLC
701 South Howard Avenue #106,Tampa, FL 33606

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