Motorcycle Storage During for Rainy Days

One of the problems with living in a condo is the limited parking space you are given. So if you have a car and it is already taking your designated parking space, where then will you put your motorcycle? Some people just park it on the street in front of their building, but this is not a perfect motorcycle storage solution as the bike is not protected from Mother Earth’s harsh elements (e.g. Sun, snow, and rain among many others). It is also left unprotected from threats of theft and vandalism.


 imagesOne type of storage that condo owners can use is storage sheds. Motorcycle storage sheds are low cost, easy to assemble, light, and weather proof. However, not all condo associations allow their tenants to set up motorcycle storage sheds. If you are one of those who are allowed to build a garage or storage shed in the condo parking area, good for you. But if you are not part of the lucky ones, you may want to try buying a decent coverage for your bike. Natural elements do shorten the life of your bike. The sun, for instance, eventually discolors and dulls paint. It also gives protection, though very minimal, from those who are fond of touching bikes and sitting on them just so they can imagine how it feels like to ride on one.

For those who do not live in a condo but is struggling with motorcycle storage due to lack of space, you may want to explore hanging your bike on the ceiling. This is a tricky one and you may want to ask for professional help. But, it is a great space saver and a lot of bike owners have been doing this to solve their motorcycle storage dilemmas.

The last option you can resort to is to lease a unit in a self storage facility. Most storage facilities have provisions for motorcycles and other forms of vehicles. The good thing about this is that you are assured that your bike is protected from harsh natural elements, thieves, and vandalisms. This motorcycle storage solution is perfect especially if you are not using your bike on a daily basis. Just make sure you prep your motorcycle for storage to make sure it still runs properly when you use it again.



Ives Dairy Self Storage
20340 NE 15th Court North Miami Beach, FL 33179

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