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All the celebrations and festivities during the country’s independence day might have stressed you out a little bit. You and your baby, might need a little relaxation and bonding time after all the fireworks, parties, and loud noises. Yes, the 4th of July is indeed fun, but having a massage after the event might just cap it all well.

Pregnant women experience a lot of changes in a span of nine months. That there is no getting used to it is a fact attested by the not-so-first-timers. This is why most of the expectant mothers out there welcome prenatal massage with open arms.

Prenatal massage is proven to be safe and effective in providing relief from stress and body pains associated with pregnancy. Pregnant women seek prenatal massage because of the following reasons:


 1) Regulation of Hormones

Prenatal massage helps regulate regulation and improve cardiovascular health through the reduction of stress-related hormones.  Pregnant women receiving prenatal massage were reported to have decreased levels of the stress hormones, norepinephrine and cortisol, and increased levels of the happy hormones, dopamine and serotonin.

These changes in hormone levels lead to fewer complications during birth and fewer instances of newborn complications. This is why many women advocate the inclusion of prenatal massage in maternal health care services.


2) Reduction of Swelling

Swelling is one of the biggest problems faced by pregnant women. The heavy uterus (no need to explain why it became heavy) causes reduced circulation and increased pressure on the major blood vessels. Prenatal massage helps stimulate these soft tissues to reduce collection of fluids in swollen joints. This also helps in improving the removal of tissue waste carried by the body’s lymph system.


 3) Relief from Back and Leg Pains


Back and leg pains are experienced by many women in their last trimester because the uterus rests on the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back. The pressure that the uterus exerts to the muscles of the upper and lower leg causes them to swell and put pressure on nearby nerves. Prenatal massage addresses the inflamed nerves by helping to release the tension in nearby muscles. Many women have experienced significant reduction in back and leg pains during pregnancy through regular prenatal massage.


These are the benefits of prenatal massage which makes it very popular these days. It is important, however, to choose a licensed massage therapist for this type of massage. Pregnant women are very delicate and it takes a trained professional to work on such sensitive cases.



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