Avoiding Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Tampa


imagesCommercial refrigerators, especially walk-ins, are expensive investments for budding restaurants and other food establishments. But like any other machine, they are not one hundred percent effective. It is inevitable that they face problems along the way. How then do we minimize the instances of them getting broken?

Here are four tips from your local commercial refrigeration repair company in Tampa on how you can effectively maintain commercial refrigerators to prevent the onset of damage.

1. Get rid of dust.

Condensers are very sensitive to dust. When dust accumulates on the compressor coils, it clouds the compressor’s ability to work efficiently. The compressor works harder than necessary causing damages due to burn out. This also causes a huge spike on your electric bill.

2. Cover acidic foods.

Not only is it a food safety standard to cover the contents of any commercial refrigerator, covering foods which are highly acidic prevents corrosion in your commercial refrigeration unit. Some of these acidic foods include tomatoes and pickles. To avoid corrosion and unnecessary commercial refrigeration repair, use plastic non-corrosive food storage containers and lids that seal well when storing your entire food inventory.

3. Clear drains.

At the base of every commercial refrigerator is a drain. It serves as a pathway for all interior condensation to escape. Once the excess liquid leaves the drain, it travels to a drip pan where the water is heated and evaporated. If the drain is blocked in any way, the condensation builds up and has nowhere to go. This creates flooded interior spaces in refrigerators and frozen build-up in freezers. It is necessary that you see it that drains are cleared. Check this daily if you want to avoid costly commercial refrigeration repair.

4. Check gaskets.

This may seem very minor but do you know that a small rubber seal can mean all the difference in your utility bill and the overall performance of your commercial refrigerator? Chilled air escapes through the tiniest prompting the compressor and condenser to constantly work harder to maintain a constant temperature. Simply put, leaks raises the utility bill and can break your refrigerator or freezer. Clean and check your gaskets on a weekly basis. If any part of the gasket is peeling away from the door, replace it immediately.

These are but some maintenance procedures to avoid getting your commercial refrigerator broken. But if it is inevitable to have your unit repaired, make sure you hire the services of the best commercial refrigeration repair company in Tampa.



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