Pool and Spa Repair Articles: Keeping Your Swimming Pools Clean


Throwing a Fourth of July party? Make sure you and your swimming pool are ready.

 Owning a swimming pool entails a lot of work. Swimming pool owners need to be vigilant about the state of their pools to prevent dirt and bacteria build-up. This is aside from the pool and spa repair risks associated with a dirty and unmaintained swimming pool.

Fortunately, you need not make your hands dirty –literally and figuratively– to get your pool cleaned.  There are a dozen of swimming pool cleaners in Tampa that that offer routine swimming pool maintenance, as well as pool and spa repairs.

There are basically five tasks that comprise the weekly cleaning that needs to be done on your pool. These five swimming pool maintenance tips might have been familiar to you if you have owned a swimming pool for quite some time now.

 1.       Empty the skimmer baskets.

Skimmer baskets are your pool’s filters, preventing dirt and debris from entering the system. Even the smallest of the fallen leaves can jam up your pool’s equipment. Skimmer baskets should be emptied whenever they are already full, even if this means emptying it every other day.

 2.       Skim the pool surface.

There is some debris that gets past skimmer baskets. Tiny debris such as insects and hair strands are examples of these. Pool and spa repair professionals recommend skimming the surface of the pool to easily get rid of floating wastes.

 3.       Get rid of wastes from swimming pool floors.

Yes, they can remove A LOT OF dirt, but skimmers and skimming nets are not 100% efficient. Very small particles get past these two devices and settle at the bottom of your swimming pool floors. This is why it is important to clean your pool floor every week. Doing so prevents them from accumulating and becoming hard-to-remove grime. Pool and spa repair professionals use a special deep water net or water vacuum to complete this job. In the long run, cleaning pool floors helps prevent discoloration of tiles, damage to the pool structure, and the most important of all – injury to swimmers.

 4.       Brush the walls and tiles of your pool.

Following the same logic as the one used when cleaning your pool floors, brushing the walls and tiles of your pool helps get rid of dirt, stains, as well as algae and metal accumulation. Brushing walls and tiles every week prevents permanent stains from settling in your pool.

 5. Do the chemical balance test.

Swimming pools commonly use chlorine to kill bacteria and prevent its outbreak. This is essential to maintain a pH level that is not suitable for bacteria growth. This pH level is pegged somewhere between 7.2 and 7.8 only. This is the range wherein there the swimming pool water optimum germ killing properties. Pool and spa repair men and cleaners advise that a chemical balance test be done every week to see if the pH value of the swimming pool falls within this range. If not, then appropriate actions shall be made.

These five maintenance and cleaning tips ensure that your pool is ready not just for your Fourth of July party, but for any party that you might to throw all year long. Make sure that you do these steps so that your pool is ready for what comes next!



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