Voice T1 and PRI: In Collaboration

PRI or Primary Rate Interface carry a higher capacity service intended for commercial centers and other offices that require fast and accurate communications. The two systems are capable of working together to provide your application with larger space for relaying data. Being connected has never been this easier!


Voice T1 is divided into two services; the channelized and unchannelized. In the unchannelized voice T1, 24 channels are provided as a telephone call; these phone lines are provided in place of the 23 that can be accommodated by the PRI. The downside of the unchannelized voice T1 is that there is no separate signaling that means signaling information that tells when the phone is hooked or unhooked is lost; thus the need of using the least significant bit. The channelized voice T1 does not have the capability to provide any caller ID, thus PRI service is needed.

There are instances where Voice T1 and PRI are provided to you as separate services; and there are factors that can identify which type of service your company needs.in terms of voice calls simultaneous, Voice T1 is capable of handling 24 channels while 23 for PRI as PRI uses a specific type of channel. The ability to store phone number is highly different from Voice T1, since Voice T1 can store up to 24 numbers max; while PRI has an unlimited storage. Voice T1 is advanced at the caller ID system, which can provide your application with higher security systems. Another advantage of the Voice T1 is that it has the ability to provide conference on channel (flash) without the need for the trunk to trunk technique.

In terms of phone system configuration, voice T1 is more advanced as it can use both keys or PBX while PRI is limited to the phone system configuration. If you are having difficulty in choosing the perfect phone system for your needs, make sure to stick with the guidelines in order for you to avoid future problems.

Voice T1 and PRI work together for the advantage of providing clients with the exact type of service costs in an area.



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