Keeping Score with Tuxedos


Tuxedos were worn by mostly the upper class during the 60’s. This started when British men started to look for an alternative for the suit, which is the common or casual attire. The concept of the tuxedo was taken from the concept of the tailcoat which was worn every evening. Tuxedo nowadays is worn exclusively for special occasions and should be worn with class and masculinity. Here are some of the commandments that can help you score women on the following 4th of July’s to come.

  • Keep in mind to avoid pre-tied and long neck bow ties when wearing a tuxedo. Self-tied bow tie provide that natural and a more sophisticated look on your attire.
  • Never ever wear a tuxedo that is rented. Tuxedos are good investments. Some rented tuxedos do not have that perfect fit for you, making you look ridiculous. Tuxedos are usually pre-made to make the perfect fit and shape for your body. Buy if your budget doesn’t allow you to have one then search for those bargains and sales, you’ll find one eventually.
  • It Is a must not mix and match fabrics of your ties with your tuxedo. However, there are changes and alternatives you can use such as a velvet bow tie against the satin matching your pant stripes.
  • Pocket squares are a huge and dazzling touch for your tuxedo. There are recommendations such as white linen or cotton as the common and easy to match. But men who wear their tuxedo with red or a burgundy pocket square is just extreme.
  • Fourth of July is the month where events are full of couples. It is a big no for you to match your tuxedo with the accessory or the attire of your date. The purpose of you wearing the tuxedo is to compliment her dress, making her look stunning.
  • Loafer type of shoes is not a huge fan of tuxedos. It is best to wear the lace up type of shoes to make it look more formal.
  • Accessories such as gold, silver and onyx are suitable accessories for your tuxedo. However, it is best to keep the blings low.


Tuxedos are more than just a suit it shows how elegant you can look and wear; plus, it keeps you busy during 4th of July parties. Ladies, one at a time, please.



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