Reducing Hardwood Floor Repairs

You may not believe it but reducing the need for hardwood floor repairs is easy as long as you get the chance to know the causes of such. There are only a few common reasons for hardwood floor repairs. Scratches and dents are the two minor problems that you can easily repair. However, ding is a more serious injury that can be fixed with two options. Learn more about hardwood floor repairs below.


What are the common problems you can encounter in hardwood floor repairs?

  • Scratches- scratches are the most minor problem encountered in hardwood floor repairs. The damage does not penetrate the surface of the floor and can be easily repaired. Hardwood floor repair shops recommend quick tips like applying a thin layer of finish to restore its shine.
  • Dents- dents happen when you accidentally drop something heavy on the floor and create a bit deformation on the material. Quick and easy tips you can use is by getting a piece of sponge or cloth and soaking it in water till it is sopping wet. After that, put the piece of cloth onto the dent and seal it with a piece of plastic; let it stand for at least 8 hours. As a result, the wood will swell back up into place leaving nothing but a scratch.
  • Ding- a ding is a lot more serious than both the scratch and the dent. Hardwood floor repairs in this case are divided into two: one is to replace the plank with a new one since there is a chance for splinters to appear. The next one is filling in the ding with a specialized wood putty and sanding it down till it fills up and sealing it with a clear coat.


You can reduce the need for hardwood floor repairs with proper maintenance. Waxing is one of the traditional yet the best way of keeping your hardwood floor in place and scratch-free. Other regimen such as the use of furnishing and color are used to seal in the hardwood floor and prevent scratches or dents that lead to expensive hardwood floor repairs.



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