Aging Gracefully with Massage Therapy

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Being physically active as you age is a good way of keeping your body on the go and youthful. But when you could not balance both rest and activities, then you are at risk of fatigue. With fatigue comes stress which can add more numbers to your face and body, and nobody wants to look older than what their age actually is!

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and undergoing massage therapies once in a while are the key elements for a longer and youthful life. Let massage therapy cut out those dreaded numbers from your age. You want to know how? We list it here for you:

Improved circulation

Good blood circulation can provide a variety of health benefits. As we grow old, our blood circulations tend to get poorer. Massage therapy serves as a stimulant as it improves the lymphatic flow in our  body and aids in the elimination of waste and toxins from our system. Massage therapy increases the oxygen supply in the body and therefore hastens wound healing and restoration. Through massage therapy, circulation is further enhanced and results in a healthy body with a sound mind.

Flexibility and Pain Relief

The most common complaint that most people, with age, experience are joint and muscle pains. Massage therapy uses certain massage techniques in order to manipulate stiff muscles and aching tendons. Through massage therapy, the joint and muscle aches are lessened by soothing the affected areas with strokes that allow good blood circulation. Massage therapy can also improve seniors’ range of motion and mobility as it decreases inflammations and numbs pain receptors.

Emotional Well Being

Some people often feel left out and forgotten when they reach a certain age. An increase in anxiety and disconnection to family and friends are often experienced at a certain age also. A simple touch that massage therapy brings help in making them feels loved and special. Massage therapy provides a certain communication of empathy and connectedness making them feel comfortable and at ease. Through massage therapy, the power of touch is emphasized.

General Wellness

 A feel of compassionate touch makes everything okay for everyone. Massage therapy is the best option for all kinds of people, whether with age or not, who are prone to depression and stress. Not only does it help people relax, but promotes happiness and health.

Aging doesn’t have to be bad. All of us will get old soon, but that does not stop you from aging gracefully! Let your loved one experience what relaxation is. As they come to the age of retirement, let massage therapy take care of their aches and anxieties and bring them anew.



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