Towing Tips for Summer Adventures in Brandon, FL

Finally, the sun is up all day which means that the family can have fun the entire day too. Brandon, FL residents like towing their trailers, campers or even tugging their boats around for some special summer adventures. However, the fun can stop instantly if you don’t know how to tow these outdoor things properly.

indexIf you don’t follow the right towing tips, you are putting your own car at risk of severe damage. Not only will this increase your insurance rates, but you are putting yourself at risk of car accidents too. Although there are automotive companies in Brandon, FL that are ready to tow your car if an emergency strikes, still, you have to follow proper protocol as to not endanger yourself and your family. Grab a pencil and a paper and take note of this helpful list of tips.

  • Know the Towing Capacity– Owning a big SUV doesn’t mean that you can practically tow anything you wish. Every vehicle has its own tow package and capacity. You must know what your vehicle’s towing capacity is to know its limits. Otherwise, your vehicle might end up getting towed later on.
  • Check the Wear and Tear– So, the family has been going on road trips every weekend and surely, hitching a boat or a camper with you will add wear and tear to your car. You better make sure that you take your vehicle to a Brandon, FL automotive repair shop and get your engine, chassis and drive train checked to prevent any possible problems that may arise while you’re on the road.
  • Practice Driving– It doesn’t harm to practice driving your vehicle while hitching something behind it. The more you get comfortable with driving this way, the better you can control your acceleration, transmission, parking and the likes. And better control is always good for your car.
  • Take Emergency Supplies– There’s always a risk when tugging around a camper or trailer with you. Just for emergency purposes, always bring supplies. You may want to take breaks in gasoline stations just to check how your tires or engine is doing. Make sure the load is well-balanced. Also, be more alert that you are used to. Be sensitive to the smell and sound you hear while driving your vehicle while towing something.


Summer is the time for numerous adventures but one should always exercise caution when driving away with campers, boats and trailers at the back of their vehicles. Anyhow, if you do get stuck on the road, make you can call a reliable automotive company in Brandon, FL to help you out.



Clarke Automotive Systems – Brandon
131 Central Dr. Brandon, FL 33510

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