Summer Free Wax Offer—Take It!


Summer has arrived and it’s time to show off those bikini-worthy bodies. And this means that every body type has the right to flaunt what they have on a bikini. But this summer, the body you have isn’t the issue, it might be the hair you will accidentally flaunt while wearing a swimsuit.

When you wear a bikini, you must make sure that you are completely hair-free or if not, at least make sure that no hair will be peeking out in certain areas like the bikini and underarm. No matter how sexy you are, unwanted hair is simply unwanted hair to be seen.

Usually, what men and women do is to shave off the excess hair, but this isn’t the best way to become hair-free this summer. Go to the nearest spa and check out their spa services. In the summer, spa and salons usually offer summer packages that will consist of pampering services plus a free wax offer. Now, this is an offer you shouldn’t refuse and that’s because you’re getting the complete summer treatment to get you ready for some fun under the sun.


Waxing VS Shaving

Waxing is a temporary hair removal method but the hair growth takes weeks. With shaving, you can start seeing hair growth in as little as 24 hours. Do you really want to be bothered with removing unwanted hair every day? Package spa services with a free wax offer doesn’t just get rid of the hair in the area you want, it helps keep the skin nourished and hydrated during the summer heat too. Furthermore, another important difference between the two is that hair growth after waxing is thinner and finer while it’s thicker and more coarse after shaving.


How Do I Prepare?

Well, there isn’t really a step-by-step way to prepare before a waxing session. However, there are a few important things to remember. Don’t have a waxing session if your skin in the waxing area is peeling. Also, you have to make sure that the hair is at least ¼ inches long. Nonetheless, it will always best to set an appointment in the spa center for your package spa services with a free wax offer to guarantee a time slot as these places get really busy during the summer. This is also the time where the spa attendant can tell you more about other preparation methods before coming in.

During the summer, be on the lookout for wax or spa centers that offer affordable spa services with a free wax offer. This is high time to get waxed and to look flawless all summer long.



European Wax Center — South Tampa
3830 West Neptune Ave, Tampa, FL 33629

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