How to Care for Garage Door Rollers in Summer


Just like the rainy season, the summer season can also take its toll on your garage door rollers. While the water from the rain may cause rust, the summer heat can make the paint and other parts more brittle. In any case, this simply means that you should know how to properly care for your garage rollers.

Even though the newer garage door rollers are built to last 15 to 20 years, this doesn’t mean that it does not need regular maintenance. Proper care is needed to ensure that your garage doors will actually reach its life expectancy as well as reliability. So, what can you do to help maintain the good condition of your garage doors this summer?

  • Check the Hardware– Check the parts of your garage door rollers particularly the hinges, wheels steel rollers, track, bolts, supports and shafts. Is there anything missing, loose or misaligned? A good way to know if there is a hardware problem is to see how smooth your garage door opens. If it doesn’t, there’s probably a problem with the spring system which needs balancing. However, do note that problems with tension, cables, brackets, pulleys and springs should only be fixed by professionals.
  • Remove Grime– If you have aluminum garage door rollers, there’s a chance that it can accumulate grime which can result to rust. What you can do is clean the grime with household mild detergent and water.
  • Remove Rust– Moisture can cause problems on your garage doors which can be visible through the flaking and rusting of the paint. What you can do is sand the rush and then use a zinc-rich primer and use quality latex paint.
  • Keep it Away from Heat– During the cold months, garage doors are insulated for protection. And you can do this during the summer months too. Keep your garage doors insulated to help manage the right temperature in your garage. This should avoid damaging your garage doors easily.

While everyone enjoys basking under the summer sun, you shall not forget how to protect different parts of your home. Your garage is an important part of your home so make sure you care for it properly. It can be such a hassle to have a broken garage door not opening automatically especially if you don’t want to get out of the car just to push and lift those heavy garage doors.



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