Auto Repair 101: Cooling Systems and Overheating Engines

Overheating engines can ruin a holiday road trip for the family. It is hard to encounter overheating engines when there are no auto repair shops around. Understanding how your vehicle’s cooling systems work is the best way to resolve and prevent overheating engines.


But before we begin the discussion in the different components of your cooling system, you must first understand the liquid that makes it run. Cooling systems run on coolants. These coolants are actually made up of 50% water and 50% anti-freeze (in some areas with severe climates, the mixture is 30% water and 70% coolant.) Coolants can reach up to 250 degrees when heated so it is best for you to NEVER open the radiator cap until the engine cools off. Otherwise, you can be scalded with hot fluids.

Moving on to our topic, there are four main components of a cooling system. These are the radiator, fan, water pump, and thermostat. You need to get to know these four components if you want trouble-free driving in Tampa.

1. Radiators are usually made from aluminum. You can find them behind the grille of the car. Radiators consist of tubes, also known as radiator core, where the coolants circulate. Tubes of radiators connect to many aluminum fins which work like a water based heating system. Radiators get damaged overtime. They either lose their efficiency or stop working altogether. Either way, only auto repair can resolve this.

2. Fans are the instruments that help the engine cool. They work with the help of an electronic motor when the other components of the cooling system cannot cool the engine fast enough. A sensor is usually installed in the system to trigger the fan in such cases.

3. Water pumps are integral components of cooling systems. They are the ones that are used to circulate coolants through the other components of the cooling system.

4. Temperature is monitored through the use of thermostat. Thermostat normally has a plastic overflow container where excess coolant is stored. As you know, coolants expand when heated.

Overheating engines are the result when any of these components stop working or start working inefficiently. Auto repair shops in Tampa can easily troubleshoot overheating engines. Make sure you have a number of your trusted auto repair shop in case of emergency. You need someone to tow you to their shop once your car breaks down anywhere in Tampa.

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