Hardwood Floor Installation: The Basics


Hardwood floors are sought by consumers because they are durable, beautiful, and environmentally-friendly. There are four processes by which hardwood floor installation can be done. These are:

  • Nail Down Hardwood Floor Installation

Based from its name, nails are used in this installation process to fasten the wood to the subfloor. This process is typically used with thin wood flooring.

  • Staple Down Hardwood Floor Installation

In this process, staples are used instead of nails in attaching the floor to the subfloor. This process is much simpler than the nail down installation.

  • Glue Down Hardwood Floor Installation

The glue down process is used only on engineered hardwood floors and parquets. In this installation process, the wood is attached to the subfloor with a strong adhesive.

  • Floating  Hardwood Floor Installation

Of the four, this is perhaps the fastest and easiest method of installation. Floating hardwood floors can be installed over almost any surface. They are not attached to any subfloor, either adhesive is applied to the boards to keep them together, or the boards are made to simply snap together.

Having hardwood floors do not end in the installation, you also need to know how to take care of them in order to avoid costly hardwood floor repair. One of the ways through which you can maintain hardwood floors is through hardwood floor refinishing. In a nutshell, hardwood floor refinishing refers to the process of resealing your floors. Do this simple test to find out if you are a candidate of hardwood floor refinishing:

  1. Find a high-traffic area where the finish is likely to be most worn.
  2. Pour a tablespoon of water onto the floor.
  3. Observe.
  • If the water beads up and you can wipe it without a trace, the finish is still working. Relax. No need to worry.
  • If the water slowly soaks into the wood floor creating a moderately darkish spot, the floor is partially worn. You need to schedule an appointment with your hardwood floor repair contractor for a refinishing session.
  • If the water immediately disappears into the wood leaving an obvious dark spot, pick up the phone and call your hardwood floor repair contractor! Your floor seriously needs some hardwood floor refinishing ASAP.

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