Self-Storage Facility: Under the Lens


Self-storage is a huge hit in the market due to upgrades on their services and facilities. Your decisions in picking a self-storage facility will depend on your budget, their offers and the length of stay.

There are things that can help you reduce stressful events in picking a self-storage facility. here are some simple tips that can help you with your storage problems:

  • It is best to look at the cleanliness, accessibility, security systems and staff. It is best that you pay for a place where you are at ease and sure that your valuables are safely tucked in their facility than spending for something cheaper but bothers you all day and night.
  • Most self-storage facilities are not transparent in contracts, payments and other settlements. It is best that you are knowledgeable of the validity of the self-storage contract and request for a month-to-month contract signing.
  • Never be afraid of asking questions about late payments and penalties. This will lessen the “surprises” with the bills that you will be receiving. Make sure to read and understand the agreement.
  • Accessibility is one problem most clients encounter in a self-storage facility. Some self-storage limit their access hours and some are open 24 hours. Always keep an emergency hotline in case you need a self – storage facility. Also, check for payment drop offs in case office hours are not parallel to yours.
  • Security systems should be the number one facility to consider in self-storage. The more advanced the security system is, the better. Outside units should be gated and should be coded. Also, security personnels should do regular rounds and security inspection as often as possible.
  • Always have a parasite check in your unit. Make sure that they fumigate each unit every after use or as needed to make sure that the self-storage is free of rodents, roaches and termites.
  • The length of stay in the self-storage is important in terms of bills and settlements. Keep in mind that the manager should be able to offer more than an option is storing your goods. These extras will win clients as well as keeping them assured of the quality of service.
  • Finally, every penny counts so self-storage facilities should offer the right services for the right money.

Make sure that your valuable are okay, and by all means, relax knowing that your things are in good capable hands.


North Loop Self Storage
1440 N Loop Fwy, Houston. TX 77009

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